Dan MacLeod’s practical joke

Sound clip in English of Duncan Grant of Ruaig talking about a practical joke involving a lobster.

Courtesy of Mr Duncan Grant

In a conversation with Alasdair Sinclair of Brock recorded in January 2004, Duncan Grant of Ruaig tells a humorous story about his relative, Dan MacLeod, who played a practical joke on Alasdair’s great-uncles, William, Donald and Neil MacKinnon.

In the days before television, neighbours would regularly visit each other ‘air chèilidh’- for the ‘crack’. Alasdair’s Uncle William was a great story-teller and would entertain the township children with ghost stories.

Duncan’s mother, Mary Flora MacLeod, remembered a particularly scary story about ‘cròg mòr fada liath, liath le aois’ (a long grey claw-like hand, grey with age). She and her sister would be so scared of leaving in the dark they would race the twenty yards home.

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