The Co-op van at Vaul in the 1940s

Photograph of the Co-op van at Vaul in the 1940s.


Courtesy of Mrs Nan MacClounnan

This photograph, taken at Vaul in the mid-1940s, shows Catriona MacKinnon of Vaul with Margaret Doig, deputy Co-op manager Archie Robertson from Tobermory, a visitor, and van driver Neil MacNeill of Scarinish standing in front of one of the Co-op vans. A second van driven by Rob MacMaster served the west end of the island.

The vans carried a selection of basic groceries which at Christmastime included extras such as cakes and shortbread and small presents like socks and handkerchiefs. They made their rounds of the island every day of the week except Sunday and Monday.

Sometime in the 1960s the Co-op reduced their service to a single van driven by Rob MacMaster who would call at each township once a week. This ceased altogether in the early 1970s.

Black and white photograph of the Co-op van at Vaul in the 1940s.

The co-op van at Vaul in the 1940s. L-R: Catriona MacKinnon; Margaret Doig; Lorna and Morag Lee; Neil MacNeill (Cathy MacNeill`s husband).

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