Fragment of an Iron Age vase

Photograph of a fragment of an Iron Age vase.

Fragment of an Iron Age vase

Courtesy of Mr George Holleyman

The fragment consists of three adjoining pieces of the rim of a finely made Vaul ware vase, plain except for a single horizontal incised line apparently running right round the vessel. The sherds are orange-brown in colour and have a light grey core.

The vase would have stood about 180-200 mm high with a rim diameter of about 130-150 mm and was made by the First Iron Age, or perhaps the Late Bronze Age, inhabitants of Tiree.

The sherds were found in a sand-hill site at Balephuil in the early 1940s by George Holleyman, later a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, who was posted to RAF Tiree during World War II.

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