Colour photograph of 1st year at Tiree High School staff in 1975-6.

First year at Tiree High School 1975-6. L-R: (back row) Steven Leppard, Ruaig; John MacArthur, Barrapol; Sinclair Carter, Crossapol; Campbell Brown, Crossapol; Donnie MacInnes, Ruaig; Neil MacLean, Kenovay; Ewan MacKinnon, Hillcrest; David Weatherston, Scarinish; teacher Gordon Connell, Crossapol; (front row) Angus MacPherson, headteacher`s son; Janet Roberts, Ruaig; Elizabeth Hartley, Kirkapol; Fiona MacKinnon, Kirkapol; Jenny MacFadyen, Scarinish; Myra Gillespie, Balinoe.


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Other Number: F82

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