Gott Bay pier in the 1920s

Photograph of a pig being hoisted aboard a steamer at Gott Bay pier in the 1920s.


Courtesy of Mrs Grace Campbell

In this photograph taken in the 1920s, a pig is being hoisted by a rope sling aboard a small steamer at Gott Bay pier. Canvas slings were more commonly used, but even so the pigs used to scream most horribly while in the air.

The Statistical Account of 1845 records that ‘a great number of pigs have been reared in this parish… They are generally exported alive chiefly to Glasgow and Greenock… Last spring upwards of 500 were shipped off from this island.’

The Agricultural Statistics for Tiree show that in 1867 there were only 260 pigs on the island. In 1910, the numbers had increased to 360, half of which were breeding sows. However, after 1910 the numbers declined steadily and by the mid-1960s there were none on the island

Black and white photograph of a pig being hoisted off a boat.

A pig being hoisted on or off a boat, probably taken in the 1930s.

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Other Number: V44

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