Donald Kennedy during World War II

Sound clip in English of Donald Kennedy of Balevullin talking about the sinking of his ship during World War II.

Courtesy of Mr Donald Kennedy

Donald Kennedy (Dòmhnall Eachainn) of Balevullin talks to Dr. John Holliday in September 1998 about his experiences as a seaman during World War II.

In the Merchant Navy before the war, Donald volunteered to rejoin his tanker ‘British Petrol’ which was sunk in June 1940 by a German Q ship, the ‘Narvick’, a warship disguised as merchantman flying a Swedish flag.

Picked up in a lifeboat by the German ship, he and his shipmates were held prisoner on board until they landed in Brest in November. He was kept in prisoner-of-war camps in Germany and Poland until 1945.

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