Map of siting of H.F./ D.F. Station at RAF Tiree, 1943

Photocopy of a “secret drawing” by the Air Ministry showing the location of a “bullet and blast proof hut” or H.F./D.F. Station to be built at Druim an Fhraoich, Kenovay. Marked `SECRET`, dated 21st July 1943. Scale 1:2500


Object Details

Other Number: R21

Part of a map showing the plans for an

H.F. / D.F. station at Kenovay during WWII. Drawn by the Air Ministry in July 1943 and stamped `SECRET`. It was so much of a secret that we don`t know what the station was used for or whether it was even built! We do now - see Object 2018.15.1

Normal Location: Map Chest: drawer 1
Current Location: normal location

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