Associated People: MacKinnon, Mrs Mary Flora, Balephuil (1890 - )


Black and white photograph of Donald and Mary Flora MacKinnon and their family in Tiree in 1925.

The MacKinnon family of Balephuil in 1925, two years before emigrating to New Zealand. L-R: Dolina, Mary, Annie, blacksmith Donald MacKinnon originally from Balinoe, Hugh, Donald`s wife Mary Flora Campbell, Sarah, unknown woman.



Black and white photograph of the MacKinnon family at Maraekakho in New Zealand.

Blacksmith Donald MacKinnon of Balinoe with his wife Mary Flora Campbell of Balephuil and their children Hugh, Dolly, Annie, Sarah and Mary on the verandah of their house at Maraekakho in New Zealand.



Photograph of Ann MacPhee and her mother Mary Flora MacKinnon taken in Balinoe in 1960.

Taken outside donor`s aunt Christina Kennedy`s house in Balephuil in 1960 during a visit from New Zealand. Christina was a sister of the donor`s father, Donald MacKinnon of Balephuil. L-R: (back) John Kennedy and Mary Wood (son and daughter of Christina and John Kennedy), Anne Kennedy, Ann MacPhee (donor), Mary Flora MacKinnon (donor`s mother), John Kennedy; (front) Charlie Wood, husband of Mary, and their son Gordon.



Colour photograph of the four MacKinnon sisters who emigrated to New Zealand in 1927.

The four MacKinnon sisters who emigrated to New Zealand in 1927. L-R: Ann MacPhee, Dolina Campbell, Mary Tinney and Sarah Urban. Taken in 1990 in New Zealand on Mary`s 70th birthday. Dolina is pictured on her grandfather`s knee in L88.



Photograph of Mary Flora MacKinnon, Archibald Campbell and John Kennedy, c. 1915.

Taken outside the thatched house in Balephuil where Mary Flora and her husband Donald MacKinnon lived with Mary Flora`s father Archibald Campbell, c. 1915. L-R: John Kennedy (known as `Clever`), a neighbour, Mary Flora MacKinnon, the mother of the two children and Archibald Campbell. Both men were blind. `Clever` travelled around the world in sailing ships and had the second sight. Donald and Mary Flora emigrated to New Zealand in 1927.