Donald Archie Brown of Balevullin

Photograph of Donald Archie Brown of Balevullin spinning horsehair fishing line.


Courtesy of Mr Donald Archie Brown

Donald Archie Brown of Balevullin is pictured spinning horsehair fishing line using a small weight. Joined together with smooth knots, the line was used for fishing with rods from a boat or short lengths were used to attach the hooks to the main line used for flounder fishing.

Second-hand haddock line was often bought from east coast fishermen to use for flounder fishing. The main line was weighted to keep it on the bottom and up to 500 hooks spaced a yard apart were attached to it using horsehair which was light and floated.

Baiting the hooks was a tedious job. Lugworms dug up from the beach were the usual bait but mussels, if ones large enough could be found, were also used.

Colour photograph of Donald Archie Brown making horsehair fishing line in 2004.

Donald Archie Brown of Balevullin spinning fishing line from horsehair, photographed by Dr John Holliday in August 2004.

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