Cornaig mill in 1962

Photograph of the interior of Cornaig mill in 1962.


Courtesy of Dr Euan Mackie

This photograph of the interior of Cornaig mill was taken in 1962 by Dr Euan Mackie of the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow. The shaft from the water wheel which turned the grinding stones can be seen protruding through the wall.

The other end of the mill was taken up with the ‘àth’, or drying kiln, which was fired with coal and driftwood washed ashore during the winter. Grain had to be dried before milling and great skill was needed in making sure it did not toast too fast or the flour would be left with a bitter taste.

The grain was poured on to slotted iron sheets above the kiln and two men, with white cloths tied over their boots, turned the grain at intervals with wooden shovels until it was toasted brown.

Black and white photograph of the interior of Cornaig mill in 1962.

The interior of Cornaig mill showing the millstone, photographed Dr Euan Mackie in 1962. (Original in Filing Cabinet 8 drawer 4)

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Other Number: H187
Normal Location: Photograph Shelves: photographs – H100-199
Current Location: normal location

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