Colour photograph taken at a Tiree regatta in the 1980s.

Down by Scarinish harbour after a Tiree regatta in the 1980s. L-R: Iain MacKinnon, Tor a’ Bhaile, Ruaig (Mairi’s uncle); Mairi MacLean née MacInnes, Ruaig; unknown; Fiona MacInnes née MacArthur, Ruaig (Mairi’s sister-in-law); Archie MacArthur, Barrapol/Balinoe; Gavin Carter, Crossapol; Duncan MacInnes, Ruaig (Mairi’s father); Alasdair MacAthur, Barrapol (Archie’s brother); Colin MacDonald, Mannal House; Duncan MacLean, Crossapol/Caoles; Iain MacKinnon, Sandaig (Donald’s son); Donald MacKinnon, Sandaig.


Object Details

Other Number: J95

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