Tug o’ war in the 1930s

Photograph of a tug o’ war at a Tiree Association Sports Day in the 1930s.


Courtesy of Mrs Maggie Campbell

This photograph shows the annual tug o’ war held at the Tiree Association’s Sports Day at Cornaig School in the 1930s. For the competition two teams position themselves at either end of a rope which is marked in the centre and four yards either side of the centre line.

The centre of the rope is positioned over a mark on the ground. At the command to pull, each team endeavours to pull the other team so that the mark on the rope nearest the opposing team crosses the centre line on the ground.

Traditionally visitors compete against a local team. The last event of the sports day, the tug o’ war is fiercely, though good-naturedly, contested.

Black and white photograph of a tug o` war at a Tiree Association sports day in the late 1930s.

Tug o` war at a Tiree Association sports day held at Cornaig School in the late 1930s.

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