Silversands at Vaul in 1925

Photograph of Silversands at Vaul in 1925.


Courtesy of Mr Donald Brown

Three MacMillan sisters, Margaret, Sarah and Mary, were moved in 1876 by the factor from their 25-acre farm in Balinoe because there was no man in the family to work the land following the deaths of their father and uncle.

In its place they were offered a small house at Silversands in Vaul with a shop attached which had been run by a family of MacDonalds who emigrated to Canada. Though quite young and inexperienced, the sisters accepted the challenge.

Margaret subsequently went to work on the mainland while Sarah ran the shop with Mary’s help. Like other shops on the island, it carried a wide range of goods, including groceries, tobacco, paint, paraffin, needles, fishing flies, bamboo fishing rods and Jews’ harps.

Black and white photograph of Silversands, Vaul, in 1925.

Silversands, Vaul, from a small photograph album titled ‘Tiree 1925’ thought to come originally from Silversands.

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