Roadmen in Baugh

Photograph of roadmen working in Baugh.


Courtesy of Mr Angus Munn

A Balemartine man remarked during World War II that ‘Hitler was the best local councillor that Tiree ever had!’ By this he meant that the arrival of the RAF in 1941 brought a remarkable improvement in the infrastructure of the island.

A three-runway airport was constructed, as well as hundreds of Nissen huts and two NAAFIs selling alcohol and showing films. In addition, the road network was upgraded to cope with the lorries carrying supplies between the pier, the RAF station at Crossapol and the radar base at Hough.

The main road to the east end of the island used to be along the sandy expanse of Tràigh Ghott, the beach along Gott Bay; the tarred road around the bay was laid in 1931. This photograph shows workmen gravelling the road up to the doctor’s surgery at Baugh.

Black and white photograph of road-building during WWII.

Road-building during World War II.

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