The victorious Scotland team

Photograph of the victorious Scotland team in the ‘international’ football match played at RAF Tiree in 1944.


Courtesy of Mr Willie Dickie

In 1944, the RAF Sports Officer on Tiree was Dan Squires who batted for Surrey County cricket team before the war. He would coach players in the gymnasium and they would practise on a wicket set up on the airfield.

Athletic Days were regular events. Bets on the races were taken by the station’s Accounts Officer, the Hon. John Grimston, with the profits going to help the war effort.

Football was a popular sport with the young men on the base and in May 1944 Dan organised a special ‘international’ between ‘Scotland’ and ‘England’ which was won by the Scottish team.

Black and white photograph of the `Scotland` football team in May 1943.

The victorious Scotland football team who played against England in Tiree on 30th May 1944. L-R: (back) referee Cowan, Morton, Jamieson, Gillespie, Anderson, Holmes, Preston, (front) Willie Dickie, Byrne, Duncan, Liddell and Shiels.

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