Photocopied Masters Certificate dated 1911 for Alexander MacKinnon.

New Zealand Certificate of Competency as Master of a Home Trade Ship dated 27/1/1911 for Alexander Mackinnon.

Object Details

Other Number: not specified
Normal Location: Filing Cabinet 2: drawer 1
Current Location: normal location

One thought on “1997.145.1

  1. RC Fresh Fields

    Hello from Down Under.

    Re the Alexander MacKINNON ‘Masters Certificate’ copy displayed.
    New Zealand National Archives (Wellington Branch) holds the office duplicate, and although the originals are listed as RESTRICTED ACCESS, I hope to be able to obtain a better quality photograph, of the page displayed, AND it’s reverse documentation. (In bound volumes, but with some preservation restrictions)
    An earlier issued ‘Mate’s certificate’ is also held and from viewing some on line, that have been digitized, it looks like that certificate, will have no documentation on the reverse.
    As a registered Archive reader I am able to view items, in the branch (Auckland) reading rooms for free.
    Unfortunately, as I do not live handy to the Wellington branch, I will be relying upon a friends help.
    These items, if successful, I intend adding to a collection of press clippings gained for a bulletin upon Alexander MacKINNON’s service in NZ Coastal waters 1910 ~ 1915.

    Prepared to share with relatives, if contacted through this site.

    RC Fresh Fields. November 2021.


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