Associated People: MacLean, Mr Donald, Barrapol (1881 - 1974)


The MacLean family in 1901

Photograph of the MacLean family in 1901.


Courtesy of Mr Angus MacLean

Hector MacLean, a crofter in Balephuil, married Mary MacDonald of Caoles in 1828. The couple had nine children, two which are in this photograph of 1901: Hugh (Eòghann Mòr) seated on the left and Allan (Ailean Bàn) on the right. Allan owned and skippered the schooner ‘Cirrus of Rosa’.

In 1877 Mary, by then a widow, emigrated to Shoal Lake, Manitoba with four of her sons and two daughters. Only Hugh remained on Tiree where he settled on the croft at Caoles tenanted by his maternal uncle. Two of Hugh’s three sons, Donald and Hector, are also in the photograph.

Hector was a minister who spent most of his life on Skye; his four sons all became doctors. Donald had three sons and his descendants still live on Tiree today.

Black and white photograph of the MacLeans of Caoles in 1906.

The MacLean family of Caoles in 1906. L-R: Hugh MacLean (Eoghann Mor) of Caoles; his sons, Donald and Hector; his brother Captain Allan MacLean (Ailean Ban) who emigrated to Manitoba, Canada in 1877. Donald was the father of Hugh, Willie and Angus; Hector was a minister of the church.