Photograph of Mike and Meg McPhaden, Seattle, holding their Tiree ancestor`s bible dated 1821.

Colour photograph of Dr Mike McPhaden, Seattle, and his daughter Meg, holding the bible of Murdock McPhaden (1820-1903), who emmigrated to Brock Township, Canada, with his parents Charles and Mary McPhaden, Ruaig in 1821. “Murdock McPhaden was the BROTHER of Dr. Mike`s great great grandfather Archibald McPhaden. Archibald and Murdock were sons of Charles McPhaden and Mary McLean of Ruaig, Tiree. The family immigrated to Brock Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada Sept 1821 (written in Bible) where Murdock was a Tinsmith and he and his wife Ann McLean and family lived in Sunderland, Ontario. Murdock`s son Charles McPhaden and family lived in Toronto. Charles had two daughters but they did not have any children, thus the Bible remained in the McPhaden home where the daughter Ella lived. Ella married Hugh Robert Samuels and after she died, Hugh married again and the Bible was stored in the attic of the McPhaden home. When Hugh`s wife died in 2008, the Bible was found and a note was posted on Ancestry.com by Candice (niece of Hugh`s last wife) that she was in possession of Murdock`s Bible and would like to return it to family. I [Glenda Franklin] contacted her, telling her I knew of family descendants of Murdock`s BROTHER Archibald and she sent Dr. Mike McPhaden the Bible.” See also photo 2013.143.1 ; T107.


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Other Number: T108
Normal Location: Photograph Shelves: photographs T100-199
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