Tiry 1827

At Scarinish the 9th day of Sept. Eighteen hundred and twenty seven years. The Kirk Session of Tiry met after Divine Service.

Compeared Ann MacDonald Widow in Kilmoluaig who complained that Charles MacLean son of the deceased John MacLean late cottar in Kilmoluaig alleged that he had a Criminal Connexion with her several times, in her own Bed.

Compeared also the said Charles MacLean who being seriously exhorted to adhere to the Truth and Interrogated Declared that he was actually guilty with the said Ann MacDonald within her own dwelling house, and in her own Bed and that upon several occasions, that the first of these happened some time in winter last was a year, and that the next took place in Spring thereafter. Declared further that he forced upon the door of her house upon each of these occasions and entered the house thereby, it being under night after the usual time of going to bed.

The said Ann MacDonald strenuously denied the whole of the above assertions and said she was free to make Oath that the said Charles MacLean never had any carnal connexion with her. She admitted that he broke open her Door one night and came to her Bed and put his hand upon her breast, and that upon her remonstrating with him upon the impropriety of his conduct, he went away, and that she told this to her neighbour the next morning.

The Session finding that the said Charles MacLean could not be got to retract his assertions, and that he was willing to swear to the verity of them, thought it right to take the Oath of neither of the Parties and as the said Charles MacLean had of his own accord confessed that he was twice guilty with the said Ann MacDonald, they Amerced him in the sum of One pound thirteen shillings and four pence Sterling for the benefit of the Poor of the Parish and remitted the said Ann MacDonald to the Civil Law for Damages for the injury done to her Character.