Township: kenavara


Photograph of the entrance of An Namh Mhòr, Kenavara, 2010

Colour photograph of the entrance of An Namh Mhòr / The Big Cave at the foot of the sea-cliffs at Kenavara in 2010, showing a rope put in place to allow ascent into the cave. Original stored in filing cabinet 9, drawer 3.



Photograph of Lachie & Flora MacLean at a Bronze Age burial chamber, Kenavara, ca. 1998

Colour photograph of Lachie & Flora MacLean, Druimfraoich, at ‘Naimh Chaluim Chèaird / the cave of Calum the tinker’ on the Balephuil side of Kenavara around 1995-2000. Thought to be a Neolithic/Bronze Age burial chamber. It is named after a traveller who presumably sheltered there.



Photocopy of agreement between Wilson Simmers and Archibald MacDonald, 1871.

Agreement between Wilson Simmers, owner of the wrecked schooner `Philorth`, and Archibald MacDonald regarding the sale of the schooner for £105. The wreck of the `Philorth` lay on the beach at Kennavara, Tiree.