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Letters and notes regarding Tiree plant identification, 1960-1966

Handwritten notes by and letters to Miss Mairi M MacKinnon, Balemartine, regarding the identification of certain plant specimens that she sent to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh during 1960-1966. Contained within the cover pages of a well-used and tattered botanical guide “Flowers of the Field” by Rev. C.A. Johns (11th impression). One envelope is addressed to Miss M MacKinnon, Oxon, and postmarked `Oban 1946`. Two typewritten letters are addressed to M McKinnon, Taobh-na-Mara, Balemartine, in 1961 and 1966, while a third handwritten letter is dated 1960. The book itself is marked as belonging to Mairi McKinnon, Leith. (amongst the belongings of Annine Black (nee MacLeod), whose mother was also a teacher on Tiree).