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Black & white photograph of black-roofed houses at The Green, Kilmoluaig, with the wreck of the SS Ingrid on the rocks in the background. SS Ingrid was a Norwegian steamship, which struck rocks off The Green in January 1942 enroute from the Tyne to Hampton Roads and Cuba.




Three purple shells of the Violet Sea-snail Janthina janthina in a glass jar. Found on the beach at The Green, these shells were part of an exceptional influx of at least 50 specimens to reach Tiree in August 2017. The Violet Sea-snail is a warm-water species, and none had been previously recorded on the island.


Black and white photograph of Colin Cameron, Robert Doncaster and Colin`s grandmother.

L-R: Colin Cameron, Robert Doncaster (son of Marion MacDougall) and Colin’s grandmother who was also the grandmother of Iain Aonghais of Kilmoluaig.



Black and white photograph of Donald Kennedy, Robert Doncaster and Colin Cameron.

L-R: Donald Kennedy, Robert Doncaster and Colin Cameron at the Green. Donald and Colin are sewing up pillows.