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Hardback book ‘Gaelic Scotland: The Transformation of a Culture Region’ by W. J. Withers, 1988. Covers the process of cultural change in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, particularly during the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. (Including policies of successive governments, the decline of the Gaelic language, and the Clearances.) Tiree mentioned pages 8, 181, 209, 214, 219, 225, 241, 285, 357, 359, 373-5 & 380.


Hardback book ‘Hanging by a Thread: The Scottish Cotton Industry, c. 1850-1914’ by Dr W. W. Knox, 1995. Covers the impact of de-industrialization on the cotton industry in Scotland, which had all but collapsed by 1914, apart from the sewing thread industry in Paisley. James Coats of Paisley, who donated hundreds of books to Tiree’s schools and to the Reading Room (now An Iodhlann), is mentioned on pages 117, 122 & 137-8.


Crocheted doilly made by Isabella MacArthur.

Circular doilly 275 mm in diameter crocheted from white cotton with purple and gold lurex details, made by Isabella MacArthur (nighean a` mhinisdeir), Balephuil in the 1940s and given to Nan and David MacClounnan after their marriage in 1949.