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Booklet `Songs amongst the Stones` 2000

Booklet about the archaeology of Tiree from middens and standing stones, to religions and lifestyle. Researched by Dr John Holliday for a summer exhibition at An Iodhlann.


Minidisk recording of a Feis lecture titled `Ideas across the Seas` given by Brigadier John MacFarlane in Tiree High School on 9/7/2007.

Feis lecture given by Brigadier John MacFarlane during Feis week about archaeology and the Stone Age hunter-gatherers who first settled in Scotland.


Inner Hebrides Archaeological Project, Report No. 3, January 2006.

Report on chipped stone from various sites on Tiree, a preliminary evaluation of the pottery found on Tiree, a catalogue of the metal objects in the Holleyman collection and the results of geophysical surveys of the stone circles at Hough, the Kirkapol chapels and archaeological sites in the Balephuil area.


Two copies of booklet `First Footsteps` by Steven Mithen.

Booklet about the Mesolithic settlers in the Hebrides. (three copies)


Report No. 3 of the Inner Hebrides Archaeologiacl Project conducted by the School of Human & Environmental Studies, University of Reading.

A summary of the activities and results of the second year of the IHAP including a survey on Tiree and Gunna, reconnaisance on Coll and North West Mull, an evaluation of the pottery and metal objects in the Holleyman collection from Tiree and of chipped stone from Oronsay.


Flint found Dun Mor, Vaul by Katinka Stentoft in February 2005.

Flint found in area of cattle trample east of Dun Mor, Vaul (NM 04349 49206) by Katinka Stentoft on 28th February 2005.

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