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Digitised copy of a record showing dispossessed crofters in Mannal and Scarinish, 1865. Contains a list of crofters’ names and remarks on their situation.
Mannal: Donald McMillan (carpenter), Donald McLean S[enio]r (in Glasgow), Allan McDonald (assisting on his brother’s farm), Donald McLean J[unio]r (fisherman, occasionally employed on the lighthouse tender), John Lamont (works the Lightkeepers Lands), Alex[ande]r Henderson (crofter), Hugh McLean (keeps a small store), Alexander Shaw (‘deals occasionally’), Colin Campbell (shoemaker, occasionally employed at the lighthouse), John McDonald (dyke builder)
Scarinish: Mary MacLean (supported by son), Donald McDougall (dead, widow keeps a small store), Alex[ande]r McDonald (has a vessel, trading for the British Seaweed Company) Allan McFadyen (owns two smacks), Hugh McKinnon (shoemaker), Neil Macdonald (shoemaker), Neil McKinnon (unemployed), Neil McLean (carpenter), Hector McKinnon (employed in manuring potato ground).

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Pipe wind cap from Calum (Salum) MacLean’s shop in Salum. Round metal cap for placing over the end of a smoker’s pipe in order to prevent the wind from disturbing the tabacco. These were used by sailors, crofters when in the hay barns, or by those not wanting holes burned into their clothes.