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Collection of 12 academic papers (1984-2013) about Vikings in the Hebrides including information on Norse names in Barra, the Hebrides and the N Atlantic area, Viking silver and gold artefacts, migration to the Inner Hebrides, Norse and Gaelic ancestry by DNA analysis, genetic evidence in Shetland and Orkney, colonization of the N. Atlantic, ethnicity, the Vikings in Gaelic oral tradition.


Book `The Carrying Stream Flows On`, 2013

Softback book celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the School of Scottish Studies in Edinburgh, containing contributions by scholars at an international conference held in Shetland in 2011.


Book “Fishing, Fishermen, Fish Merchants and Curers in Shetland”

Softback book “Fishing, Fishermen, Fish Merchants and Curers in Shetland” by James R. Coull. Collection of magazine articles about the Shetland fishing industry compiled into one book, tracing its history from the mid 18th century to the mid 20th century.