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Black and white photograph of the wedding of Peter MacArthur of Heylipol and Flora MacKinnon of Dunmore, Vaul at the Alexandria Hotel, Glasgow on the 1st June 1914.
L-R: (back) unknown; unknown; unknown; unknown; unknown; Peter MacArthur (groom, aged 39); Duncan MacArthur (best man); Flora MacKinnon (bride, aged 36); Rev. T. MacPherson of Yoker Church of Scotland; unknown; unknown; Jessie MacArthur;
(front) Christina MacArthur (?); Jimmy MacArthur; Alexander MacArthur; Hugh MacArthur; Marion MacKinnon (bridesmaid); Charles MacKinnon; Maggie MacKinnon; Kate MacKinnon (Mrs Hugh Lamont); Mary Flora MacKinnon (Mrs Charles MacKinnon); unknown; unknown. (CD with scanned photo in Pedestal Unit drawer 2; photo key in Filing Cabinet 8 drawer4.)



Black and white photograph of John MacKinnon and Catherine MacNeill on their wedding day in the 1920s.

John MacKinnon of Kilmoluaig (1885-1962) and Catherine MacNeill of Main Road Farm, Balephuil (1888-1953) on their wedding day in Glasgow around 1925. John was the son of Hector MacKinnon and his wife Mary Lamont. As an ex-service man in the Merchant Navy during World War I, he was allocated the croft at 34 Balephetrish where he and his wife built their home. They had no family. Both are buried in Soroby.



Audio cassette recording of Gaelic radio programme `Sgìr an Eòlais-Tiriodh` with Flora MacPhail of Skipinnish, Ruaig.

Flora MacPhail of Skipinnish, Ruaig introduces a Gaelic radio programme `Sgìr an Eòlais-Tiriodh` on her choice of recordings from the School of Scottish Studies including `Oidhche na Dunara` by Cailean Dhòmhnall Mhic Eachainn Mhòir from Cornaig, `Mo Nighean Donn a Còrnaig` by Alasdair MacRae from Hynish, Dòmhnall Chaluim Bhàin on a Tiree wedding, Alasdair MacRae singing a song about a wedding, children’s rhymes from Balevullin, `Orain na Luchag`, Dòmhnall Chaluim Bhàin singing a lullaby, customs when someone dies, a song about a thrush and pipe music.


Black and white wedding photograph of Duncan MacLean and Alix MacDonald in the 1930s.

L-R: bridesmaid Dr Ella MacDonald, Helensburgh; flower girl Myra Smyth, Kirkapol; Groom Duncan MacLean of Tiree and Rangoon; bride Alix MacDonald, Ella`s sister; unknown best man. Ella and Alix were the daughters of Duncan MacDonald from Harrapol in Skye.



Audio cassette recording of Ethel MacCallum of Tiree and Inverary talking to Maggie Campbell in 2000.

Ethel MacCallum of Tiree and Inverary talks to Maggie Campbell in 2000 about arriving in Tiree in 1943 aged six, the Post Office where she stayed, her schooling, working on the croft and in the Post Office and later at Inverary Castle, finding her brother and meeting her husband; Ethel sings a psalm and three Gaelic songs – Catriona Og, Tir a’ mhurainn, Tilleadh an t-eilean as boidhche fon ghrein – giving details of who wrote them and why.


Audio cassette recording of Janet Brown of Balephuil talking to Maggie Campbell in November 1999.

Janet Brown of Balephuil talks to Maggie Campbell in November 1999 about making butter and cheese, how there was always plenty of food even if the ferry couldn’t make Tiree, different kinds of scones, how all the work had to be finished by Saturday night in order to observe the Sabbath, washing using galvanised baths and Sunlight soap, washing blankets in the burn, harvesting, how herring were plentiful, how everyone helped preparing for a wedding, ceilidhs and dancing and different kinds of stockings.