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Softback book ‘Scotland: Mapping the Nation’ by Christopher Fleet, Margaret Wilkes and Charles W. J. Withers, 2012. Presents maps from the earliest representations of Scotland by Ptolemy in the second century AD to the most recent forms of Scotland’s mapping. Includes information about Skerryvore Lighthouse. (Page 221) See also ‘Scotland: Mapping the Islands’ at 2017.14.1


Hardback book ‘Scotland: Mapping the Islands’ by Christopher Fleet, Margaret Wilkes and Charles W. J. Withers, 2016. Foreword by Magnus Linklater. Reproduces some of the most historically significant maps from the National Library of Scotland’s collection in order to explore the many dimensions of island life and how this has changed over time. Arranged thematically and covering topics such as population, place-names, defence, civic improvement, natural resources, navigation, and leisure and tourism. Tiree mentioned pages 3, 44, 45, 49, 61, 82-3, 107 & 174, and featured in maps pages 62-3, 72-3, 92 & 143.


Book `Scandinavian Scotland` by Barbara E Crawford, 1987

Softback book about the occupation of the scottish islands and seaboard by `Vikings` in the early middle ages.


Book “Scotland as it was and as it is” by the 8th Duke of Argyll, 1887

Hardback history of Scotland “Scotland as it was and as it is” (second edition 1887) by the Duke of Argyll (1823-1900) with sections on Tyree. Handwritten on inside cover “William D MacLean 1986”.


Information about John Sands (1826-1900), journalist & artist, who lived on and wrote about several Scottish islands including Tiree and Iona

Printout from internet about John Sands of Ormiston (1826-1900) who was a Scottish freelance journalist and artist with an interest in archaeology and folk customs, especially the way of life on Scottish islands. He spent a year on Iona and several other remote islands including Tiree.


Book “So Foul and Fair a Day – a history of Scotland`s weather and climate” by Alastair Dawson

Softback book charting the history of Scotland`s weather and climate, and how they have shaped Scotland`s story since earliest times to the present day. Includes pointers to the future effects of climate change.


Book “Scotland`s Beginnings – Scotland through time”

Softback book about the natural history of Scotland, from its geological beginnings, through the formation of its various habitats and colonisation by animals, to the influence of farms and cities on wildlife and landscape.