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Digitised copy of a contract between The Duke of Argyll and Mr Alexander McTavish, Minister of Tyree, dated 19 October 1752. The contract details the conditions of the minister’s employment, including payment of teinds, stipends, communion elements, payment in lieu of a Gleib, and the employment of an assistant minister in Coll.

The following people are named in the contract: Mr Archibald Campbell of Stonefield (Advocate, Sheriff Depute of the Sheriffdom of Argyll) James Campbell and John Marshall (writers in Inveraray), Mr John Clerk (Schoolmaster in Inveraray), Andrew Fletcher (witness and Senator of the College of Justice, Milton), Robert Campbell (witness and Advocate, Asknish), James Campbell (witness), John Clerk (witness).

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Digitised copy of a Report from Heylipol Public School for the winter months, February 1883. The report was written for the Duke of Argyll by J McFarlane and is divided into observations on ‘attendance’, ‘progress’, ‘general’ and ‘state of the island’ and contains remarks on: attendance for December 1882 to February 1883; the affect of weather on attendance; subjects taught and standards; appointment of compulsory officers; comments on parents and their attitudes to education; and teachers. McFarlane also discusses unrest in the island (the ‘wild & extravagant ideas that originally started in Ireland’ and the ‘circulation of pernicious & revolutionary literature’) and refers to a petition signed by crofters in the west end. He recounts a conversation with a man named Donald, a crofter in Balevullin, and also refers to the consequences of inadequate farming techniques.

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From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.



Digitised copy of a letter from John G Campbell to the Duke of Argyll, dated 17 September 1864. Campbell discusses school prizes offered by the Duke, and the winners of the prizes; details of the examination held at Moss Church, attended by Mr Geekie, Dr Buchanan and Mr John McLean (Cornaig); problems with teachers, including those at Sandaig and Heylipol, and the difficulty in getting new teachers; the need to improve the school house at Heylipol; lack of schooling provision in the west end of the island; closure of the assembly school in Balevullin; difficulties with the Crois teacher (‘a mere boy & a teacher only in name’) and the lack of schooling over the winter in that part of the island; the achievements of John McLean (Cornaig) at College in Glasgow.

From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Compact, leather-covered, Gaelic ‘Biobull / Bible’, produced by Comunn-Bhiobull Duthchail na h-Alba. On the inside front cover is written ‘Cornaig Sunday School. For Mary Ishbel MacDonald [Kenovay], with every good wish for the future, J Gillies, 28/8/46. John Gillies was the Church of Scotland Missionary on Tiree for 17 years (1937-1954), teaching Sunday School in Gaelic and English.


Hardback book ‘The Scottish Anthem Book’, 1922, revised from the original ‘Book of Anthems’, which was published in 1875 as and aid to singing hymns and psalms in the Church of Scotland. Belonging to Effie MacDonald (nee MacCorquodale), Kenovay, it is signed ‘Euphemia Cameron MacCorquodale, No. 8’.


Small, green-paper covered Gaelic booklet of religious questions and answers `Leabhar Aithghearr nan Ceist` edited by Iain Domhnullach, D.D., Ministeir ann an Dgire na Toisigheachd, in 1893. The booklet has been lovingly covered with stiff card from an old cigar/cigarette box, and signed by  ‘H Ray’ and by ‘R Macdonald’. It is also annotated in pencil throughout. From the belongings of the MacDonald/MacCorquodale/MacLean family of Kenovay.



Transcript of a Police Report submitted to Tobermory Procurator Fiscal by Finlay Fraser (D.C., Tiree) regarding the sudden death of Margaret McLean or MacDonald (wife of Malcolm MacDonald, Manal) on 6 February 1860. Statements are provided by:

Malcolm MacDonald (merchant, Manal. Husband of the deceased)
John MacDonald (Hynish)
Flora Maclean (residing with Malcolm Macdonald, Manal. Sister of the deceased)
Catherine Campbell or MacDonald (widow, Balinoe)
Helen McKinnon or MacDonald (wife Donald Macdonald, Mannal)
Donald MacDonald (crofter, Mannal)
Ann Maclean (wife of Niel Maclean, Hynish)
Niel Maclean (tailor, Hynish)
James Anderson (surgeon, Hynish)

A copy of this transcript is not available online. Please contact An Iodhlann if you would like to consult this record.

From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.



Digitised copy of Instructions for the chamberlain of Tiree, 1762. These instructions were sent from the Duke of Argyll and include: cutting peats, making drains, work at the Duke’s house in Tiree, payment of rents, the tack of the two ends of Coll, obtaining an additional salary for a schoolmaster from the Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge, land repairs. There is no transcript for this item.

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From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Pamphlet for the Seirbhis Ghaidhlig/Gaelic Service held at Eaglais na Mointich/Heylipol Church on 27 July 1986, to commemorate 100 years of the Crofters Act and crofting on Tiree. Hymn 1 was written by a local man from The Land who composed it after waking on the Moss sliabh/moor after a heavy drinking session.