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Colour photograph of a Navy ‘Wasp’ helicopter taking off from the Decca HIFIX caravan at Aird, Cornaigmore, in 1970. HIFIX stations were located at several spots in the Hebrides for relaying messages to/from survey vessels at sea, which were recording the topography of the ocean floor. The Navy had sent personnel ashore by helicopter to lay a cable from the mains electricity suppy to the caravan, in response to a complaint by the occupier of the house, Mr A Campbell, about the noise made by the caravan’s generator.


Memoirs of Alistair MacNeill, Hynish, ‘Wireless in my Life’ which recall his enjoyment of, and involvement in, wireless radio from his childhood in Hynish in 1941 to presenting a live broadcast from the Emirates Arena Glasgow during the run-up to the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

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Membership card for the Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society belonging to SAC Urquhart, RAF Tiree, 1957, giving his Radio Callsign. Purchased by the donor from an internet auction site and gifted to An Iodhlann.


Lead and acid accumulator `battery` used in the 1940s

Lead-acid 2V accumulator made by the Chloride Electrical Storage Company around 1940-1950. Two lead plates submerged in sulphuric acid (no longer present) within a glass box with carrying handle. The accumulator would be charged every week and used for powering radio sets (heated the valves).

Tiree in 100 Objects – 27 – Accumulator

The History of Tiree in 100 Objects