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Otter at Gott Bay

Photograph of an otter at Gott Bay in April 2007.


Courtesy of Mrs Carole Russell

Paul and Grace Yoxon of the International Otter Survival Fund based in Skye conducted an otter survey of Tiree for a week in August 2003. The coastline was mapped for secondary evidence of otters: spraints (droppings), sprainting points, freshwater pools, lie ups and holts (dens).

Five otters were sighted during the survey and nine major holts found. From this data, the number of otters resident on Tiree was estimated to be between six and eight. From analysis of the spraints, their diet consisted mainly of marine fish supplemented with hare.

While on holiday in April 2007, Carole Russell took this photograph of an otter on Gott Bay. The otter appeared from the direction of Soa, swiftly made his way along the waterline then disappeared inland.

Colour photograph of an otter on Gott Bay.

An otter on Gott Bay, photographed one eveing in April 2007.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 390, 28/4/2007.

Local news and events including the final results of the health programmes, article by local councillor Ian Gillies, new campsite at Balinoe, SNH otter survey, and news from the RSPB.


Otter survey on the Isle of Tiree by Paul and Grace Yoxon of the International Otter Survival Fund.

Results of a survey during 2-9/8/2003 which estimates the number of otters on Tiree to be between 6 and 8.