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Digitised copy of Letter from Malcolm McLaurine, chamberlain of Tiree, to the Duke of Argyll, 10 Mar 1802. In this letter McLaurine discusses: timber claimed but not proved; sending a sample of wine from a cask lying in a barn; rents due; distilling; barley and coals; Clyde Packet; the island being cut off due to stormy weather; opening a weekly communication with the post office at Tobermory; the ground officer; methods to find a good school master; model of a wind miln [windmill]; poor enclosure on McLaurine’s farm.

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From the archives of the Dukes of Argyll at Inveraray Castle, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Reminiscence of the emergency Wireless Telegraphy Services to the Hebrides in the 1920s

Printed internet download of the reminiscence of David H Murdoch about his time on the Emergency WT Service (Wireless Telegraphy Section of the British Post Office) to the Western Isles in the 1920s, including Tiree, Barra and South Uist. His job was to provide a communication service to the islands when the normal telegraph system failed.


Update from the Atlantic Rising project 2010

Printout of email from Will Lorimer and sample internet content from the Atlantic Rising project. The Atlantic Rising team visit low-lying communities around the Atlantic edge that are being, or will be, affected by sea-level rises of 1m due to climate change. Includes Tiree, where Tiree school children and fishermen helped launch a huge message in a bottle. Will`s family have a second home at Hynish.

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