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Colour photograph of merchant vessel ‘Isle of Tiree’ at Lyness pier, Hoy, Orkney Islands, in 2007. Originally built for fishing in 1960, this 131-ton wooden boat was bought by Highland Marine Ltd for general cargo and supplying fish farms. It sank at Lyness pier after being sold in Orkney.


Collection of 12 academic papers (1984-2013) about Vikings in the Hebrides including information on Norse names in Barra, the Hebrides and the N Atlantic area, Viking silver and gold artefacts, migration to the Inner Hebrides, Norse and Gaelic ancestry by DNA analysis, genetic evidence in Shetland and Orkney, colonization of the N. Atlantic, ethnicity, the Vikings in Gaelic oral tradition.


Audio recordings of Jean MacCallum of Balevullin talking to Maggie Campbell on 20/6/2007.

Two cassette tapes (labelled AC430 1 & 2) of Jean MacCallum, Balevullin, talking with Maggie Campbell in June 2007. Tape 1 – about her trip to Orkney with Tiree Rural Development, the differences and similarities between the farming practices and way of life there, and the different resources on Orkney. Tape 2 – about her trip with Tiree Rural Development to Orkney and the hand-knitted jackets and waistcoats made there.


Minidisk recording of Lachie MacFadyen of Caoles talking to Maggie Campbell on 4/7/2007.

Lachie MacFadyen of Caoles talks to Maggie Campbell in July 2007 about the Tiree Rural Development to Orkney, how Orkney compare with Tiree, the crofting techniques practised there, the famous bere barley mill, their religious beliefs and the Italian Chapel decorated by Italian POWs.