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Small photograph of an oil painting of the yacht ‘Oceana’ sailing off the coast of Naples in around 1929, with Mount Vesuvius erupting in the background. The Oceana was wrecked at the west end of Crossapol beach in 1949, and the cause of much intrigue at the time. Painted by the  Italian artist L. Papaluca (1890-1934), who was well-known for his paintings of ships. The painting belonged to Robert Polson of Badachro (Gairloch) who captained the yacht.


Obituary for Major John Campbell (1921-2015), owner of the schooner ‘Oceana‘, which ran aground and broke up on the Baugh end of Crossapol Beach in 1949 under mysterious circumstances. Major Campbell survived shellfire and swamps as he advanced through Italy with Popski’s Private Army during WWII.

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First published in The Telegraph newspaper, 3 September 2015 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/11842074/Major-John-Campbell-obituary.html 


The circumstances of the grounding of the Oceana at Baugh in 1949, by owner John Campbell

Transcript of a telephone conversation between John Campbell and Dr John Holliday in October 2013, regarding John Campbell`s life and ownership of the schooner `Oceana` and the circumstances leading up to its grounding and eventual break up on the beach at Baugh / Crossapol in 1949.

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Book `Popski`s Private Army` by Vladimir Peniakoff

Softback book about the wartime adventures of Vladimir Peniakoff (nickname `Popski`), who formed his own elite fighting force in the North African Desert during WWII. The foreword is by John Campbell who owned the yacht `Oceana` when it grounded and broke up on Crossapol Beach at Baugh in 1949.


Photograph of a scultpure of Skerryvore Lighthouse in Bournemouth in 2013

Colour photograph of a sculpture of Skerryvore Lighthouse in the Skerryvore Memorial Gardens in Bournemouth, dedicated to author Robert Louis Stevenson who lived there at 61 Alum Chine Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, and named the house `Skerryvore` in honour of his family of lighthouse engineers who built Skerryvore and the pier and buildings at Hynish.