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Extract from a report about iron ore resources in Britain during WWII

Photocopied extract of a report about wartime investigations into the the iron ore resources on Tiree. Extracted from a full report about the ihaematite and manganese ore resources of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1913-1941.


Collection of pieces of iron slag and pottery fragments

Two pieces of iron slag (lumps of residue from iron smelting), the rim of an iron pot and four pieces of pottery found in Balevullin machair in 2010, indicating that iron was being made on Tiree in Iron Age times. Found 100m north of Fiona MacKinnon`s house by Dr John Holliday. Thought to be the first evidence of Iron Age metal working from Tiree. The pottery may have been used as crucibles to melt iron ore, which is available on the island.


Leaflet/flier for “Chocolates and Charms” gift shop, Heylipol, 2008

Glossy colour leaflet/flier for new gift shop “Chocolates and Charms” which opened in 2005 in a converted shed at Taigh a` Chiobair, Heylipol. Chocolates made by Joanna Vale, silver jewellery made by Rebecca Wright.


Audio cassette recording of Janet Wilson of Cornaigbeg talking to Dr John Holliday in September 1998.

Janet Wilson talks to Dr John Holliday in September 1998 about annual holiday to Tiree during the Glasgow Fair, being met by a horse and cart, the entertainment during the Fair fortnight, the people of Cornaigbeg and their genealogy, the smiddy, wartime activities, identity cards and food coupons, dances, the arrival of the first plane in Tiree, ceilidhs and how law-abiding the RAF personnel were.

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