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Transcript of investigation by the Procurator Fiscal charging Archibald MacDonald with bigamy, 1865. Archibald MacDonald (farm servant, Tiree. A native of Coll) married Esther Ferguson (servant to Mungo Campbell Duff, Architect, Glasgow) in Lockerbie in 1862, and also Sarah MacLeod (daughter of Archibald MacLeod, Balevullin) in Balinoe, Tiree, in 1863.

Statements are provided by:
Esther Ferguson (as above)
Robert Ferguson (carter, Lockerbie. Father of Esther Ferguson)
Catherine Ferguson (daughter of Robert Ferguson, Lockerbie)
James Murray (labourer, Lockerbie)
Reverend Alexander Campbell (Minister of the Free Church of Scotland, Lockerbie)
Alexander Ferguson (Registrar of the Parish of Dryfesdale, Lockerbie)
Mary MacDonald or MacFadyen (wife of Lachlan MacFadyen, Glasgow. Sister of accused)
Lachlan MacFadyen (carter, Glasgow. Brother in Law of accused)
Sarah MacLeod or MacDonald (daughter of Archibald MacLeod, Balevullin)
Alexander MacLeod (son of Archibald MacLeod, Balevullin)
Archibald MacLeod (crofter, Balevullin. Father of Sarah MaLeod or MacDonald)
Flora MacNeill (residing with Donald MacNeill, Balevullin)
Donald MacNeill Senior (cartwright, Balevullin)
Reverend John Macfarlane (Baptist Minister, Balinoe)
Malcolm Livingston (Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages for Tiree, Kirkapol)

The document refers to the ‘wedding spree’ in Lockerbie, and mentions dates including ‘Beltane’ and ‘Christmas old style’ (5th January).

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From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Transcript of a Police Report submitted to Tobermory Procurator Fiscal regarding the sudden death of Archibald Campbell (crofter, Iochdar [Jochdar], Ardtun, Isle of Mull) on 5 March 1860. Campbell had been engaged to marry Flora McInnes (Tiree). The report was submitted by John MacFarlane, Constable, and contains statements from:

James Campbell (fisherman, Iochdar, Ardtun. Brother of the deceased)
Margaret Campbell (wife of John Campbell, Iochdar, Ardtun)
John Campbell (fisherman, Iochdar, Ardtun. Brother-in-Law of deceased)
Neil Campbell (labourer, Achadaphail, Ardtun)

The report contains a short passage, perhaps unrelated, regarding the theft of coals on 16 February 1860.

A copy of this transcript is not available online. Please contact An Iodhlann if you would like to consult this record.

From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Information about the MacFarlanes of Balinoe and Elgin, 1858-1876, including the (1) marriage certificate for Rev James MacFarlane, Balinoe, and Isabella Farquharson, Cornaig, on Tiree in 1858, (2) death certificate for Isabella MacFarlane in Elgin in 1865, (3) 1871 Elgin census record listing James MacFarlane, (4) death certificate for James MacFarlane, 1876. Includes additional family history information emailed by the donor.

Click here to view marriage certificate; death certificates for Isabella and James

After their marriage in 1858, the MacFarlanes moved to Elgin where James took up the position of Baptist Minister. When Isabella died, aged only 34 years, she left three children: Archibald (b. ca 1860), Margaret (b. ca 1861) and Mary. In the 1871 census, Mary is living in Oban with her mother’s sister, Eliza. It is presumed that Mary stayed with the Whytes in Oban and that she is the ‘other Mary’ referred to in Duncan MacGregor Whyte’s letters to his wife Mary Bernard when he was in Australia. The Whytes were artists who built The Studio in Balephuil.



List of Tiree-related archival items, 2012

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