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Transcript of Police Report and Precognition of Witnesses regarding the sudden death of Archibald MacInnes and Charles MacLean in February 1860. MacInnes and MacLean drowned when a wave hit their boat while fishing for lobsters on an open skiff near Bealach na Ciste on the Isle of Soay. Duncan MacInnes (brother of Archibald MacInnes, Ruaig) survived the accident. The report contains descriptions of clothing on the bodies of the sailors. Copies of the registrations of the deaths are also included.

Statements are provided from:

Duncan McInnes (fisherman, Ruaig)
Alexander MacLean (shoemaker, Ruaig)
John McInnes (tailor, Ruaig. Father of the deceased)
Niel McLeod (fisherman, Ruaig)
John Lamont (fisherman, Ruaig)
Donald McInnes (fisherman, Ruaig)
Archibald McInnes (fisherman, Ruaig)
Finlay Fraser (Detective Constable, Tiree)
Malcolm Livingstone (Registrar, Tiree)
Flora McKinnon or McLean (wife of John McLean, Ruaig)
Hugh McKinnon (fisherman, Ruaig)

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From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.