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Audio cassette recording of Annie Kennedy talking to Dr John Holliday in September 1998.

Annie Kennedy of Scarinish talks to Dr John Holliday in September 1998 about Scarinish school, her teachers and school meals, Cornaig school, the MacArthurs’ shop in Scarinish, making oatcakes and baking, the history of Scarinish Post Office, the store at the harbour and butchering on Tiree, the shoemaker in Scarinish, the Manse and ministers, Donald MacDougald’s cèilidh house, the Scarinish Hotel and farm, temperance, Baugh guest house, the Munns’ shop, Scarinish golf course, the changes World War II brought to Tiree, the dance hall at the pier, Lady Victoria Campbell, large families, poverty and neighbourliness, gamekeepers Peter Anderson and Jock Graham, and the telephone exchange.


Audio cassette recording of Angus Munn and Neil Johnston of Heanish talking to Dr John Holliday in November 1998.

Angus Munn and Neil Johnston of Heanish talk to Dr John Holliday in November 1998 about the Heanish bard, sailors, the Land League in Tiree, cobblers, Donald Lamont and his family, boarded-out children, stories about Stanley Swan and Jack MacEwan, the history of Baugh guesthouse, stories about the owners of the guesthouse, the fever hospital, a boatbuilder from Heanish, the boats he built and the people who worked with him.


Audio cassette recording of Hugh MacLean of Barrapol talking to John Donald MacLean in March 1998.

Hugh MacLean (Eòghann Dhòmhnaill Eòghainn Mhòir) of Barrapol talks to John Donald MacLean (Teòn Dòmhnall a’ Mhuilinn)about Tiree bards, the wreck of the Vivo and other ships, a cobbler in Mannal, collecting peat from the Ross of Mull, the fiddler of Sandaig and his genealogy, the kelp industry, the factor Iain Campbell, temperance, the weather, diet, agricultural methods, the beaches, cars and the arrival of the first plane; Hugh also sings some songs and plays a number of tunes on the electronic bagpipes. Tha Eòghann Dhòmhnaill Eòghainn Mhòir a Goirtean Dòmhnaill a’ bruidhinn ri Teòn Dòmhnall a’ Mhuilinn mu na bàird Thirisdeach, mun lon-bhriseadh Vivo agus bàtaichean eile, greusaiche a Mannal, a’ toir mòine on Ross Mhuileach, fidhleir Shandaig agus a shloinntearachd, obair a’ cheilp, am bàillidh Iain Caimbeul, measarrachd, an tìde, obair fearainn, na tràighean, carbadan agus mar a thàinig a cheud itealan; tha Eòghann cuideachd a’ seinn òrain agus a’ cluich fonn air a’ phìob eleactronaich.


Audio cassette recording of Hector MacPhail talking at Vaul Golf Club on 31/1/1997

Hector MacPhail talking at Vaul Golf Club on 31st January 1997 about Clydesdale horses on Tiree, Tom Barr, the Scottish Horse Regiment, his great-uncle Archie MacDougall, Tiree blacksmiths, shoes and clothes made on Tiree, weaving and carpentry, graveyards and tacksmen, Sir Donald MacLean, Tiree place-names, UK boxing championship Donald Lamont, shebeens and whisky distilling, peat and seaweed, emigration, fishing and Hynish pier, local boat-building.