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Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, Spring 1988.

Local news including the proposed dumping of nuclear waste on Tiree, the disposal of sewage, increases in CalMac fares and freight, alcoholism, poem about Tiree by K.W. Grant, news from the hall committee, football club and the school.


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, Winter 1988.

Local news including nursing beds at Taigh a` Ruadh, contribution from Rev George Donaldson, proposed bilingual unit at the school, KNOT, the restoration of the harbour and Lower Square, Hynish by the Hebridean Trust, the pantomime, news from the gardening and regatta clubs and the school.


Newspaper cutting about the organisation Scotland Against Nuclear Dumping, 1988

Photocopy of newspaper cutting from Oban Times, 14/4/1988, re the SAND organisation (Scotland Against Nuclear Dumping).


Discussion document re radioactive waste, 1980-1990

Discussion document re the development of a repository for the disposal of low and intermediate-level radioactive waste produced by United Kingdom Nirex Ltd.