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Photocopied handwritten information about individual Tiree people in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Biographical notes about individual Tiree people: John MacLean (Am Bard MacGhilleathain); merchant John Campbell of Scarinish (d. 1817); Colin MacNiven, Greenhill (18th century); Dugald MacEachern, schoolmaster (b. 1789); Rev John MacLean of Cornaig (b. 1841); Donald MacKechnie of Kenovay, joiner and postmaster (b. 1846); Captain Angus Lamont of Cornaig (b. 1844); tailor John MacPhail of Cornaigmore (b. 1846); John MacLucas, Balephuil (d. 1875).


Audio cassette recording of Bernie Smith, Hynish talking to Maggie Campbell in October 2001.

Bernie Smith of Hynish talks to Maggie Campbell in October 2001 about coming to Tiree aged four or five, his schooling at Balemartine, the Balephuil tragedy, his teachers and learning Gaelic, going to Glasgow at 16 to become a joiner, working with a plumber on Tiree, his boyhood, Sabbath observance, dances, changes at the airport, people in Balephuil, competing in the Mod, fishing and the Tiree bards; Bernie sings two Gaelic songs.