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Transcript of Precognition of Witnesses against Hugh MacDonald on charges of Malicious Mischief in 1885. The transcript provides details of how Hugh MacDonald (Moss) took possession of a house in Moss. Statements are provided by:

Donald McMillan (cottar, Moss)
John McNeill (fisherman, Balevullin)
Christy (or Cursty) McDonald of McNeill (wife of Donald McNeill, Balevullin)
Peggy Beaton of Carmichael (widow, Ross of Mull)
Hugh Macdiarmid (factor to the Duke of Argyll, Tiree)
Angus Macdonald (shepherd, Moss)
Alexander Buchanan (Medical Officer for the Parochial Board of Tiree)

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From the liveArgyll Archives in Lochgilphead, made available through the Written in the Landscape project.


Black and white photograph of two visiting brothers, Richard and Paul Noble, standing outside a black-roofed house in 1969, and their story about their efforts to revisit the house in 2018, believing it to have belonged to Mrs Mary Flora Chicken, in whose house they stayed.

Click here to view  ‘The Search for Mrs Chicken’s House’



Tiree Memories Calendar 2017, by Alec Walker. Includes photographs of Stewart Langley 1991, aerial view of the Co-op 1979, Kate MacDonald (Ceit Chalein) 1958, Scarinish harbour shoreside houses 1953, Ruairidh Lachainn and Domhnall Lachainn ca 1930, ferry ‘Iona’ 1991, Duncan & Margaret MacInnes 1991, Archie MacArthur (Eairdsidh Mor) and Margaret & Norman MacIvor 1990, two Regatta boats and sailors 1985, MacKinnon family at the Farmhouse in Balemartine 1924, mini cooper being loaded off ferry 1934, group of crofters at the Agricultural Show in 1968, Captain John MacDonald, ca 1970.


Photocopy of a typed transcript of a taped interview with sisters Margaret MacKinnon and Katie MacKinnon, Heanish, by Calum MacKinnon of Seattle (and Balinoe), in 1991 at Braeside, Heanish.

Extract: “Auntie Maggie and Auntie Katie agreed to do this tape interview with me on a cold April’s day in 1991. I had dropped by Braeside on the way back from a buisness trip in Europe. It was mostly Auntie Maggie who did the talking with Katie chipping in with the odd comment. They talked about their childhood living on the island and life during the war years.”

Click here to view transcript 2016.45.1


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 419, 21/6/08

Local news: Dance Olympics at Tiree High School; butterflies; interview with Tony McEwen, Crossapol; progress of water supply upgrade; football training tour; SWRI Federation Show; social work staff awarded; bumblebees; Iain MacKinnon, Hillcrest, appointed as TRD Community Conservation Officer; Oban to islands air service; retiral of Morag MacKenzie from `Meals on Wheels`; Discover Tiree`s visitor information touch screens; Tiree Community Trust news: Crossapol enterprise zone, wave classic; harbour study, access, design guide, affordable housing, youth work, directors, staff, wind turbine (Tilley).


Pot chain from a ruined house at The Land, Barrapol

Black-painted metal pot chain / slàbhraidh found in the chimney of a ruined thatched house (Tigh Thearlaich Bhruin) at The Land, Barrapol. Given to Ailean Boyd by William MacNeill (Uilleam an Tailleir). Includes a note handwritten by Ailean Boyd in 1972.

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