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Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 23, 8/5/1991.

Local news including the opening of the nursing beds at Taigh a` Ruadh by Princess Anne, piper Gordon Rowan to play at the White House, HIE and local working groups, hedgehogs, advice from Dr Holliday on salt intake, Balevullin – part 5 by Sandy MacKinnon, and news from playgroups, the feis, the youth club and the Brownies and Guides.


Photocopied extract from `The Handbook of Scottish Mammals` edited by Gordon B Corbet and Stephen Harris, pp 37-43, 424-31, 461-80.

Information about hedgehogs, otters and seals giving descriptions, variation, distribution, habitat, social organisation and behaviour, feeding, breeding, population, predators and mortality, parasites and disease, relations with man and literature.