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Video recording of an unknown BBC programme about boarded out children broadcast in 1996.

Programme about children boarded out to Hebridean islands, the work they did on the crofts and how they were treated, featuring Hector MacPhail of Ruaig, Bernie Smith of West Hynish, Jean MacCallum of Balevullin, Robert Gray of Balemartine, Tommy Monaghan of Heanish and John Fletcher of Balemartine.


Black and white photograph of Margaret Lamont, Floraidh MacInnes, two RAF men and six foster-children in Ruaig in 1968.

Ruaig in 1968. L-R: (back) Margaret Dunne, unknown RAF technician; Margaret Lamont, wife of Charlie Lamont and foster-mother of the six children in the photograph; RAF Sergeant Clark; Floraidh MacInnes, Margaret’s sister; (middle) Robert Leppard; (front) Steven Corbett; Samuel Dunne; Steven Leppard; James Dunne.