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Abstract of PhD thesis ‘Vegetation history, human impact and climate change during prehistory:  an island perspective of the Isles of Tiree, Coll and North-West Mull’ by Karen Wicks, University of Reading, 2012. Based on pollen analyses of peat core samples. A digital copy of the full thesis is held on An Iodhlann’s computer.

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Booklet `Water from the Seventh Wave` 2001

Booklet about the history of health and healing on Tiree, from superstitions and traditional remedies to lay doctors, diseases, dentists, appointed GPs, nurses and ambulance services. Researched by Dr John Holliday for a summer exhibition at An Iodhlann.


Letters and notes regarding Tiree plant identification, 1960-1966

Handwritten notes by and letters to Miss Mairi M MacKinnon, Balemartine, regarding the identification of certain plant specimens that she sent to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh during 1960-1966. Contained within the cover pages of a well-used and tattered botanical guide “Flowers of the Field” by Rev. C.A. Johns (11th impression). One envelope is addressed to Miss M MacKinnon, Oxon, and postmarked `Oban 1946`. Two typewritten letters are addressed to M McKinnon, Taobh-na-Mara, Balemartine, in 1961 and 1966, while a third handwritten letter is dated 1960. The book itself is marked as belonging to Mairi McKinnon, Leith. (amongst the belongings of Annine Black (nee MacLeod), whose mother was also a teacher on Tiree).


Newsletter `An Tirisdeach`, No. 415, 26/04/08

Local news: launch of book `Wild Flowers of Coll & Tiree”; interview with Jessie Gray, Balemartine; United Auctions Trainee Auctioneer Niall MacKinnon, Hillcrest; plans for Argyll Airfields; promotion of healthy eating at schools; College of Piping tutor book translated into Gaelic; CalMac to continue to supply fuel to islands.


Poems “The Stone of Remembrance” and “The Maiden of Colla” by Rev. Dugald MacEchern, 1902

Small booklet of two poems by the Rev. Dugald MacEchern written in 1902. (1) The Stone of Remembrance. This poem is about the memorial stone of Heylipol Church, Tiree, which was laid by Lady Victoria Campbell, accompanied by Miss Percy, on August 19th 1902, which happened to be the anniversary of the Battle of Otterburn. (2) The Maiden of Colla. This poem appears to be in remembrance of a deceased unnamed girl of Coll, and first appeared in the magazine “The Peoples Friend”. The blood-red flower mentioned in the text, and drawn on the last page, is the Bloody Crane`s-bill or Creachlach Dearg that grows in abundance amongst the marram at the west end of Coll. Rev. MacEchern was a family friend of the Clements of Gallanach, Coll in the early 1900s.