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Softback book ‘The Escape of Bonnie Prince Charlie’ by Malcolm Seddon, 2016. Describing the adventures of Charles Stewart over five months after his defeat at the battle of Culloden in 1746, including his 500-mile trek over the Western Isles and NW Highlands, and eventual rescue. The French ship carrying him away from Scotland passed close to Tiree, where it is said that two Tiree men from Ruaig were abducted to navigate the ship safely onwards. See ‘Donald the Pilot’ for further information.


Photograph of a memorial plaque erected on the wall of Kirkapol Cemetery  by the family of Elizabeth Devlin, Australia, in 2015, whose family had Ruaig MacLean ancestory. The people named on the plaque are believed to be related to Donald (The Pilot) MacLean, Ruaig (b. 1727) from the branch of Charles MacLean and Ann MacLeod. Elizabeth Devlin (Leezie Barr) was a foster child of Alexander MacLean and Ann MacLeod who had four children of their own: Mary Ann, Hector and Donald.



Letter from Charles MacLean, Edinburgh, to Duncan Gillespie, Gott, dated 2006, regarding enclosed texts and information about Charles’ 4x great grandfather Donald ‘The Pilot’ MacLean, Ruaig (born 1727), who piloted the French ship sent to rescue Bonnie Prince Charlie after the Battle of Culloden in 1746.


Two photocopies of a newspaper article ‘Some Historic MacLeans of Tiree – link with Prince Charlie’ from the Daily Express, 1930. The article begins with Malcolm MacLean of Hynish House and his cousin, Allan of Ruaig, whose ancestor was Donald ‘The Pilot’ MacLean of Ruaig (born 1727) who piloted the ship that rescued Bonnie Prince Charlie after Culloden in 1746.

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Photocopy of a typed account of the Donald ‘The Pilot’ MacLean story published by his descendent (4x great grandson), Charles MacLean, Edinburgh, in the Clan MacLean magazine around 1986. The account is based on Charles’ great-great-grandfather’s hand-written account of the event written around 1900 (see 2016.6.1), and includes notes and analyses of the handwritten account.

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Photocopy of a hand-written account of the story of Donald ‘The Pilot’ MacLean, Ruaig (born 1727), who piloted Bonnie Prince Charlie’s rescue ship after the Battle of Culloden in 1746. The seven-page letter was written on small pieces of paper around 1900 by Donald’s grandson, also Donald MacLean (1817-1907), who lived at Hynish House. It begins “the following is what report I heard from my father over 70 years ago”.

Tiree in 100 Objects – 8 – Donald the Pilot

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Email about completion of “Donald the Pilot” project

Printed email to An Iodhlann about the completion and online publication of the “Donald the Pilot” project. Donald MacLean of Ruaig piloted the ship taking the escaping Bonnie Prince Charlie to France after the ill-fated Uprising of 1745. Contains links to the genealogy of Donald the Pilot (ancestors and descendants), the database, and story.