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Softback book ‘The Secret Island – towards a history of Tiree’, 2014. Published proceedings of a three-day conference held on Tiree by the Islands Book Trust in September 2013, with chapters by many authors on a wide variety of aspects of Tiree’s history and culture.

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Softback book ‘The Gaelic crisis in the vernacular community’, by CO Giollagain, Gordan Cmashron, Paruig Moireach, Brian O Curnain, Iain Caimbeul, Brian MacDonald and Tamas Petervary, 2020. Findings of a comprehensive sociolinguistic survey of Gaelic vernacular communities carried out by the Island Gaelic Reasearch Project. It recommends that in order to revitalisation Gaelic in communities, a dynamic new language planning model is required. The people of Tiree were involved in the survey, and Tiree is mentioned throughout the book.


Booklet ‘Isle of Tiree: Eilean Thiriodh’ edited by Mona MacDonald, 1973.

Guide to townships on Tiree, with black and white photographs, local advertising and map. An abridged version of the Tiree section of the ‘Handbook to the Islands of Coll and Tiree’ written by the Rev. Hector Cameron.

Signed by Eleanor Miller (Hudson), Taobh-na-Mara, Balemartine, Isle of Tiree.


List of inhabitants of Tiree in 1779

Photocopied extract from an A5-sized book (probably published by Argyll Estate) listing the names and ages of all the inhabitants of land belonging to Argyll Estates in 1779. Found in Flora MacArthur`s house (now demolished) at Sandaig 2010.


Book `Scotland’s Splendour`; photographic account of Scotland

Hardback book describing in text and colour photographs the landscape and history of Scotland. Contributions by various authors and photographers including George Blake, WH Murray, JS Grant, Seton Gordon, Tom Weir, John R Allan and Mory McLaren. Tiree on page 101.

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