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Nuclear attack survival pamphlets and envelope prepared by the Central Office of Information in 1962, and issued by Womens Voluntary Service (WVS), to accompany the ‘One in Five Talks’ held throughout Britain. Includes information about shelter, what foods to store, avoiding heat and flames, medical provisions. Found in ‘Four Winds’, Kilmoluaig.

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Anti-aircraft shell, 1955

Brass 4mm Mark 4 Bofors anti-aircraft shell manufactured by RLB (Royal Laboratory, Birtley) in 1955, and found in the refuse dump at Sandaig. Possibly originated from military presence on Tiree during the Cold War.


Photograph of Dennis Anderson, formerly of RAF Scarinish during the Cold War

Colour photograph of Dennis Anderson of Edinburgh reading a copy of the book “The Hebrides at War” by Mike Hughes, in 2012. Dennis was stationed on Tiree in 1956, when the RAF maintained a radio post during the Cold War. (origingal stored in filing cabinet 9 drawer 4)



Photograph of a group of RAF servicemen at RAF Scarinish in May 1956.

Black & white photograph of eight RAF airmen (mostly National Servicemen) on detachment to Tiree from 351 Signals Unit, RAF Anstruther, Fife (now known as Scotland`s Secret Bunker). L-R: ? from Manchester, Hugh Fairholm from Hawick (sitting on bed), ?, Dennis Anderson, ? & ? from Glasgow, ? from Wales. (origingal stored in filing cabinet 9 drawer 4)



Photocopied sheets about Rotorplan, the UK`s 1950s Air Attack Early Warning System.

Photocopy of webpage (www.blackiston.btinternet.co.uk) about Rotorplan, the UK`s Air Attack Early Warning System which cost in the region of £240 million by the late 1950s when it was declared redundant, and photocopied pages describing type of installation for Rotorplan sites including Scarinish (the site on Beinn Gott).