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Census and Register records regarding members of the McLean family of Kenovay, Balephetrish and Gott, 1893-1948. Includes census records for Donald McLean and family 1901, and Hector McLean (Gott) and family 1901. Death records for Charles McLean (Kenovay 1893), Lachlan McLean (Kenovay 1909), Alexina McLean (Linlithgow 1929), George McLean (Linlithgow 1935), Donald MacLean (Kenovay 1936) and Christina McLean (Isle of Mull 1948);  Part of a large collection of items belonging to and about Donald Archibald McLean, Kenovay (1890-1981), and his family.

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1881 Census information about Alexander MacLean (71 yrs), Balemeanach/Middleton Farm House, his farm (13 acres) and his household: his wife Flora MacLean (55 yrs), John MacLean (36), Alexander MacLean (20), Charles MacLean (18), Hector MacLean (13), Mary Ann MacLean (10), Murdoch MacKinnon (1) and John Ellen MacKinnon (18).



1901 census information for Vaul listing house number, names of occupants, position in household, occupation and year of birth. House numbers run from ‘Tichavruich’ in upper Vaul up to ‘Dunmore’, then down to the shore along the lower track to ‘Seaside’ and then back to ‘Silversands’.

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Softback book ‘Gaelic in Scotland 1971: Some Sociological and Demographic Considerations of the Census Report for Gaelic’ by Kenneth MacKinnon, 1978. Includes chapters on Gaelic language maintenance 1961-71, Towards a social definition of the Gaidhealtachd, Gaelic literacy, and Abilities in Gaelic by age and sex. Donation label ‘Tiree High School: This book was donated by Gordon D. Donald’.l


Copied pages from the 1779 Census of Tiree

Printed photographs of a selection of pages from the original 1779 census of Tiree held in the archives at Inveraray Castle, listing the inhabitants of Salum, Caoles and Ruaig. Photographed during a visit by Glenda Franklin in 2013. Digital copies stored on An Iodhlann computer.


Copied pages from the 1792 census of Tiree

Printed photographs of a selection of pages from the original 1792 census of Tiree people held in the archives of Inveraray Castle, including total numbers of inhabitants for each township and lists of inhabitants’ names for Caoles, Salum, Kirkapol and Ruaig. “Total inhabitants [in Tiree] 1881; increase 583” since 1779 census. Subsection “Caoles-Ardeas” photographed during a visit to Inveraray by Glenda Franklin in 2013 (probably contains duplicates). Digital copies stored on An Iodhlann computer.