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Set of butter-making tools from the 1940s: (1) hand-turned glass ‘Blow’ butter churn, (2) pair of wooden butter pats, (3) round, wooden butter mould with a barley design carved into the imprint.


Newspaper cutting showing children using a round glass butter churn

Colour photograph with caption about children making butter by traditional methods. The glass butter churn pictured is similar to the one donated to An Iodhlann by Mairi Campbell, except that it is round whereas hers is square. Includes laminated photocopy.


Sieve for skimming cream off milk

Small hand-made brass sieve for skimming the cream off the milk when making butter. Shallow dish with many small holes and curved handle.



Two scallop-shaped butter dish souvenirs from 1957

Two tin butter dishes in the shape of scallop shells bearing a blue badge showing the crofters stook, rake and pitch-fork emblam, and a red scroll beneath reading “Tiree”. Each has a white mica lining which was removed for washing. Souvenirs bought on the island in 1957. Also a letter from the donors.