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The Scots Magazine, June 1965, with an article about Tiree and its people ‘Island of Prosperous Crofters’ by Campbell K Finlay. Includes photographs of Scarinish Harbour: A D Brown, Tobermory (merchant to Tiree); Margaret Brown, Vaul; Malcolm M MacLean, Salum; A H MacPhail, Clachan; A G H Bruton, Lodge Hotel; Travee; coastal cliffs; croft house, Scarinish; Parkhouse, Balephetrish; L J MacFadyen, Kenovay;  J L MacInnes, Salum; W MacPhee, gamekeeper; Balephetrish road. Also mentioned in text: Walter Hume, the Reef & An Fhaodhail, primary schools, boarded-out children, island house, sheep, bulb-growing, cottars, income, crofters’ war, snipe shooting, tourism, fishing.

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Photocopied article titled ‘Bulb Growing in Scotland’ by DH Turner, from the Scottish Agriculture publication in Spring 1969. Tiree joined the bulb growing industry during that time.


Dissertation about the Tiree bulb-growing industry in the 1960s

Bound dissertation entitled “Tiree Bulbs” about the tulip- and daffodil-growing industry on Tiree in the 1960s. Includes hand-typed preface about the history of bulbs, an account of Tiree`s bulbs, many colour photographs of the different varieties of bulbs growing in-situ on Tiree, photos of some bulb-growers including Duncan MacInnes, Ruaig, and a map of bulb sites around the island. Author: Ena MacLean Percy – a district nurse who attended courses at The Royal College of Nursing in Edinburgh in the 1960s, and retired to Fort William. Bound in royal blue board with gold embossed title on cover. Found at a recycling centre in Fort William in 2011.




Periodical `The Coll Magazine`, No. 5, 1987.

Articles about WWII, the Coll hotel, emigration and immigrants, bulb growing, Highland dancing, archaeology, travellers to Coll, the White House of Grishipoll, the playgroup and parties.


Audio cassette recording of Alex MacLean of Cornaigbeg interviewed by John Donald MacLean in 1998.

Alex MacLean (Ailig Iain Alasdair) of Cornaigbeg talks to John Donald MacLean in 1998 about his ancestors, some of whom emigrated to New Zealand, a MacLean gathering there of 80 of his relatives, bulb growing on Tiree which was set up in 1958 by the Agricultural College, the MacEachern blacksmiths, one of whom was a lay preacher, the making of a harpoon for catching whales, the coal puffers which unloaded their cargo on different beaches and crofting in general. Tha Ailig MhicIllEathain (Ailig Iain Alasdair) a Còrnaig Bheag a’ bruidhinn ri Teòn Dòmhnall MhicIllEathain ann an 1998 mu a shloinntearachd, cuid dhuibh a chaidh don Seallainn Nuadh, cruinneachadh MhicIllEathain far an robh ceithir fichead da fhear-cinnidh, obair na meacain fluir a chaidh a chur air bonn ann an 1958 le Colaisde an Tuathanachais, na goibhnean Mhic Eacharna, aon dhuibh na shearmonaiche nach buin don chlèir, an dòigh air murghadh a’ dhèanamh airson glacadh na mucan mara, na bàtaichean guail a’ cur a mach an luchd air diofar thràighean agus croitearachd mar as cumanta.